Carnegie Mellon Press Release: May 18, 2004
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Eric Sloss

For immediate release:
May 18, 2004

Carnegie Mellon University Celebrates the Achievements of the First Doctor of Philosophy Program in CAD in the Nation with Symposium

Thirty-five years ago, the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture created the first Doctor of Philosophy program to study computer-aided design (CAD), which represented a major leap forward for architecture education. Architectural professionals and academic leaders from around the world will celebrate this accomplishment at the Generative CAD Systems Symposium (G-CADS'04) July 12-15, 2004, at the School of Architecture. G-CADS'04 registration is open to all interested professionals, academics and researchers.

CAD represents a significant change in the design technologies used in architecture. With the arrival of Charles Eastman, the (then) Department of Architecture created the first CAD Ph.D. program by cultivating the interdisciplinary efforts of researchers, scientists and architects. During the 1970s and 1980s, six scientists and architects contributed to the emerging culture of CAD: Charles Eastman, Omer Akin, Ulrich Flemming, Gerhard Schmidt, Robert Woodbury and Ramesh Krishnamurti.

The symposium will open with a keynote address by Ulrich Flemming, professor emeritus of the School of Architecture. Throughout the three days of program, it will feature keynotes by pioneers of CAD, such as Steven Fenves and Charles Eastman, and other presentations. The symposium will conclude with three workshops on Thursday, July 15, including "Requirement Management," "Smartgeometry" and "Building Performance."

Omer Akin, professor of architecture and symposium chair, said, "This event celebrates the achievements of the oldest CAD Ph.D. program in the country. We hope to recognize the impact of the program with the participation of world leaders in the field and contemplate issues concerning the future of CAD. Many graduates of our program and others from around the world will converge at the university to take this significant contribution a step further for the field of architecture."

Persons interested in registering should visit the Web site at, Carnegie Mellon faculty interested in attending should directly contact Omer Akin at 412-268-3549 or by email

The School of Architecture is one of five schools within the College of Fine Arts, which is a community of nationally and internationally recognized artists and professionals organized into, Architecture, Art, Design, Drama and Music, and their associated centers and programs.


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