Carnegie Mellon Press Release: March 24, 2004
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Teresa Thomas

For immediate release:
March 24, 2004

Carnegie Mellon Announces Plans to Sublease Space in Six PPG Plaza in Downtown Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University will sublease approximately 33,000 square feet of space in Six PPG Plaza in downtown Pittsburgh for some of its staff in marketing, alumni relations and fundraising.

The office space is located on the 14th floor and part of the 11th floor of Six PPG Plaza, areas formerly occupied by leaseholder Ketchum Public Relations. Ketchum remains on the 12th and 13th floors of the building.

Carnegie Mellon has had offices for economic development and various technology spin-offs in downtown Pittsburgh and the Strip District, and the university houses many of its research and administrative units near its Oakland campus. The PPG sublease is its largest commitment to office space in downtown Pittsburgh.

Some 120 staff members will be affected by the move. University and city officials say they are enthusiastic about the synergies created by the move and the cost effectiveness of downtown office space at a time when the university needs more room but finds limited options near its campus.

"The highly functional office space in Six PPG Plaza and the cost effectiveness of downtown office leases made this a viable option," said Stefano Falconi, vice president for administration and chief financial officer at Carnegie Mellon.

"We applaud Carnegie Mellon's expansion to the downtown neighborhood," said F. Michael Langley, chief executive officer of the Allegheny Conference and Affiliates. "Further connectivity of our world-class universities to the critical mass of business and community resources in the downtown area is a vital link that will help stimulate our regional economy. We work closely with our region's colleges and universities to improve southwestern Pennsylvania's competitiveness and to raise awareness of the region worldwide. Having Carnegie Mellon's top communicators located close by should help to accelerate these efforts."

"The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership welcomes Carnegie Mellon to the already outstanding mix of national and international companies and organizations that choose to call downtown Pittsburgh home," said Mariann Geyer, executive director of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. "Carnegie Mellon's international reputation complements an urban core that includes 75 percent of the region's corporate headquarters and features a world-class cultural district and convention center and a vibrant retail and restaurant community."

Robbee Baker Kosak, Carnegie Mellon vice president for university advancement, said the space further allows for ways for Carnegie Mellon to connect with alumni, business, cultural and government leaders who work in downtown Pittsburgh.

"Carnegie Mellon is a major research university and it has tremendous goals for its impact on this region and beyond. The downtown space will allow us to continue to work effectively for the university and its many partnerships in Pittsburgh. We look forward to continuing to represent Carnegie Mellon as a very active and engaged regional citizen," Kosak said.


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