Carnegie Mellon Press Release: January 27, 2004
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Eric Sloss

For immediate release:
January 27, 2004

Eclectic Lounge Opens in the College of Fine Arts Building

PITTSBURGH—Nestled inside the Great Hall of the College of Fine Arts building sits a small lounge and coffee shop atypical to the university's java stops. The new Zebra Lounge, formerly the Hewlett Gallery, hosts a pleasant atmosphere to unwind, study and meet friends or colleagues. The lounge is open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The décor is quite unique to many coffee shops around the region. Scattered around the lounge are pieces of furniture designed by the College of Fine Arts Dean Martin Prekop. His personal design and signature black and white print furnishings sit comfortably around the lounge and create a tranquil atmosphere.

"I wanted to create a space in the College of Fine Arts building where students, faculty and staff from all schools could come and relax and socialize. I designed the furnishings as complete works of art that are comfortable and visually captivating. The lounge will be a venue for interdisciplinary exhibits and musical performances scheduled throughout the year," said Dean Prekop.

The Great Hall comes alive during business hours as Zebra Lounge attendants usually double as DJ with a 5 CD disc changer tucked in the corner and a piano against the wall. Laura Mazurkewicz, senior psychology major, found her way by a roommate. She said, "I don't feel like I'm on campus. I actually don't feel like I'm in Pittsburgh and I love that feeling."

Laura's friend, Maria Shchensnyak, also a senior studying psychology, said, "Aesthetically it's awesome; it gives you a feeling of being away; the big tables let you spread all your books, computer and papers out and do work."

Drinks are available hot or cold with an array of choices from a caramel macchiato to a traditional hot chocolate. The lounge menu also offers scones, brownies, muffins and biscotti. Organic and fair-trade coffees from the Green Mountain Coffee Rosters are served at the Zebra Lounge.


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