Carnegie Mellon Press Release: October 23, 2003
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Michael B. Laffin
Eric C. Sloss

For immediate release:
October 23, 2003

Carnegie Mellon Students Create Products for BodyMedia in Innovative Interdisciplinary Class

PITTSBURGH—BodyMedia's physiological monitoring technology was the foundation of a semester-long study last spring by an interdisciplinary class at Carnegie Mellon University to explore product development concepts and emerging markets. Six teams of students from Carnegie Mellon's School of Design, School of Engineering and the business school developed complete product visions that matched a body monitoring opportunity or a problem of an existing product under development. The class, Integrated Product Development (IPD), is taught by Jonathan Cagan, professor of engineering, Craig Vogel, professor of industrial design, and Laurie Weingart, professor of organizational behavior and theory.

"It was particularly gratifying for me to work with BodyMedia," said Vogel. "I have interacted with the company on many levels and watched the founders as they evolved from their work in the former EDRC research center working on wearable computers to the formation of their company. Creating the loop that allows our alumni to help us to stay current and support our educational goals is key to our future success."

The monitoring concepts included solutions in such diverse areas as infant care, fitness, hydration, hypothermia detection and management, and cardiac care. Astro Teller, CEO of BodyMedia said, "We hope the students and the university are as proud of the learning and the work that the students accomplished as we are at BodyMedia. I think the class results prove once again the valuable impact that products developed out of our platform can have in a multitude of commercial segments. The university and its professors should be congratulated for bringing such real-world, collaborative opportunities to its students. It's a strong example of Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary strength and provides a great collaboration vehicle for corporations such as ourselves."

November 18, IPD will be awarded this year's ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineering) Curriculum Innovation Award. New Balance will be the next company to take part in Carnegie Mellon's Integrated Product Development class.

Carnegie Mellon University participates in many interdisciplinary activities throughout the colleges, departments and innovative student collaborations. For more information on the Integrated Product Development class, please contact Mike Laffin at 412-268-3486, by email at or Eric Sloss at 412-268-5765, by email at For more information about BodyMedia's involvement with Carnegie Mellon, please contact Jeff Swoveland at 412-288-9901, by email at


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