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Michael B. Laffin

For immediate release:
September 18, 2003

Carnegie Mellon MBA Students Mentor Students from Pittsburgh's City High

PITTSBURGH—Twenty-five sophomores from Pittsburgh's City High School will travel from their urban school setting to Carnegie Mellon's campus for a day of mentoring by 15 MBA students this Friday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m.
to 2 p.m.

According to MBA student organizer Eddy Jones, "The goal for the day is to motivate the high school students to achieve by providing context and relevance to their high school experience. Many teenagers who are unmotivated in high school receive poor grades, don't go to college and may ultimately become 'stuck' in a situation with few options. We'd like to convey that pursuing excellence in high school is worth the effort. For example, even if you don't like trigonometry, there is value in giving it your best."

Throughout the day, the high school sophomores will participate in a series of exercises designed to motivate and guide them in areas such as interviewing techniques, professional interpersonal skills and even personal finance. The most interactive event of the day will be a case study where the high school students serve as consultants to the City of Pittsburgh. The case is intended to emphasize teamwork, critical thinking and presentation skills.

City High School is a charter school founded in 2002 and located in the Clark Building on Liberty Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. A 21st-century school that changes the traditional learning environments for students and teachers, the school's model is based on the best educational practices, industry and academic partnerships, organizational innovations and technological advances. For more additional information, visit

The Carnegie Mellon MBA program is one of the world's highest-rated business programs and features an analytic approach to global business management. Founded in 1949, it is recognized as the pioneer of quantitative problem solving with a reputation for creating new ways to transfer knowledge. The school's groundbreaking research, particularly in the areas of finance, global macroeconomics and operations research, continues to serve as the basis for business decisions and academic research. For additional information, visit


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