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Lisa L. Kirchner

For immediate release:
March 4, 2003

National Science Foundation Extends Violence Center Grant to Carnegie Mellon

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University's National Consortium of Violence Research (NCOVR) has been awarded an additional $3 million in funding from the National Science Foundation over the next three years. The Consortium currently has about 80 scholars and 12 fellows at more than 30 universities around the nation and around the world.

"This award represents a strong affirmation of the contributions in the earlier phase of the consortium and provides a good opportunity for building the nation's capacity to carry out research on problems related to violence," said Alfred Blumstein, director of NCOVR and a University Professor at Carnegie Mellon's H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management. "The nation's rates of violence came down rather sharply through the 1990s, but there are strong indications that the rates are starting up again."

In this phase of its operation, the Consortium will have a major commitment to capacity building. Its activities will focus on recruiting and training young scholars in the interdisciplinary approaches necessary to research interpersonal violence.

NCOVR's capacity building initiatives will involve the training of pre- and post-doctoral fellows, the organization of interdisciplinary workshops, the involvement of minority-serving institutions, and funding of small research grants for junior members of the Consortium. Workshop subjects will range from decision-making to engage in violence, violence in public housing, terrorism, biology, immigration, offender networks and drug markets. In addition, the Consortium will identify and develop new methods for studying the longitudinal data that enable one to understand and interrupt individual trajectories leading to involvement in violence.

A key component of NCOVR is its Data Center, which provides Internet access to a variety of violence-relevant data and applications software for research and analysis by the broad research and practitioner communities.

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NSF is an independent federal agency with about a $5 billion annual budget to support programs in scientific and engineering research, and education, from K-12 through graduate level, in mathematics, science, engineering and technology.


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