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Contact: Teresa S. Thomas

For immediate release:
May 3, 2002

Carnegie Mellon Professor Sara Kiesler Elected to Prestigious Computer-Human Interaction Academy

PITTSBURGH—Sara Kiesler, a Carnegie Mellon University professor of human-computer interaction, was one of six people to be elected to the Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) Academy, the highest recognition of advancement in the field of computer-human interaction.

The CHI Academy comprises leaders in and longtime contributors to the field of computer-human interaction whose works have shaped the field's discipline and research. The criteria for election to the CHI Academy include total contributions to the field, influence on the work of others and pioneering new research directions.

Kiesler has taught at Carnegie Mellon since 1979 as a professor of social and decision sciences. In 1999, she joined the School of Computer Science to become a professor of human-computer interaction. Currently, Kiesler researches computers as a means of human communication. One of her projects is creating personal robotic assistants for the elderly. At Carnegie Mellon, she has worked in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute on the executive board and defined the introductory class to the field.

Dan Sieworek, professor of computer science, said, "(Sara) Kiesler has the knack of identifying important social phenomena associated with developments in technology and organizing a wide-ranging research program around them."

In addition to her recent nomination to the CHI Academy, Kiesler has been recognized by many well-known institutions, such as receiving the Research Scientist Development Award from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and being named a fellow of both the American Psychological Association and American Psychological Society (Psi Chi). She has served on three panels for the National Academy of Sciences as well as panels for the National Academy of Engineering and NIMH.

Kiesler has authored and co-authored several books and scholarly articles, including her most recent book, Distributed Work.

Kiesler and the other recipients were recognized at an awards ceremony in Minneapolis in April.


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