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Contact: Anne Watzman

For immediate release:
May 1, 2002

See Seven Unusual Robots Perform At Carnegie Mellon's Robot Exhibit 2002

EVENT: Join Carnegie Mellon University staff, students and faculty as they interact with seven robotic projects, produced by students in Advanced Mobile Robot Programming class that will perform in various rooms and elevators on the third floor (street level) of Newell Simon Hall (NSH). Interpretive guides will be on hand to explain the various projects. Among the projects that will be displayed are:

Digital Mind's Eye- hardware that alters your visual perception non-chemically, NSH 3002. Robotic Music Interactive- a three-member musical troupe: two robots plus you, NSH 3200 hallway. Fog of War- a two-robot exploration team that hunts for Polds, NSH 3206. PYOR- a robot that dances as you see fit, in the main hall outside NSH 3002. ERNIE- a psychotic elevator robot, NSH right elevator shaft. Telepresence- an opportunity to say things anonymously, NSH 3206. Elevator Riding with Vikia- a sane and capable elevator robot, NSH left elevator shaft.

WHEN: Noon to 1 p.m., Wednesday, May 1

WHERE: Third Floor, Newell Simon Hall, behind Hamburg Hall off of Forbes Avenue on the Carnegie Mellon campus. The locations of the exhibits are listed above with descriptions of the projects.


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