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Contact: Chriss Swaney

For immediate release:
May 1, 2002

Carnegie Mellon Plays Host to Leading Researcher In the Engineering of Synthetic Gene Delivery Systems

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon University's Chemical Engineering Department has invited one of the nation's leading researchers to speak about the development of synthetic gene delivery systems at the school's seventh distinguished research lecture. Mark E. Davis, the Warren and Katharine Schlinger Professor of Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of Technology, will discuss how specially designed materials may be able to deliver genes like the p53 gene to tumors to fight cancer. Davis says he is attempting to create a "FedEx package" for delivering genes to the "right address" in the human body (for example to tumors) so that they can provide therapies for diseases of genetic origin. His new gene delivery systems could also be used to attack pathogens like HIV and hepatitis.

WHEN: 10:45 a.m. to noon, Thursday, May 1, 2002.

WHERE: Doherty Hall, Room 1112, Carnegie Mellon University


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