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For immediate release:
January 21, 2002

Carnegie Mellon Tech Conference Will Discuss How To Revive The Telecommunications Boom

PITTSBURGH—Carnegie Mellon's H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management will host a summit meeting on law, information technology and society Feb. 7-8, 2002. The summit features several notable telecommunications leaders, including former FCC Chairman Reed E. Hundt and David J. Farber, chief technologist at the FCC and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. They will discuss how the telecommunications boom can be revived by making the Internet a universal medium.

The Hundt/Farber segment is scheduled for 12:30 to 2 p.m., Feb. 7 at Carnegie Mellon's McConomy auditorium.

The summit, organized by Carnegie Mellon's Peter Shane, also is designed to kick off creation of a new Institute for the Study of Information Technology and Society (InSITeS).

InSITeS is a non-profit organization dedicatd to helping both techies and non-techies understand how information technology is shaping society and the economy.

"The conference will advance InSITeS's mission of promoting interdisciplinary dialogue for developing new intellectual frameworks for understanding and developing policies to shape information technology in the public interest," said Shane, InSITeS director and a distinguished service professor of law and public policy at Carnegie Mellon's Heinz School.

The Internet is already well on its way to transforming financial services and the entire economy. But the very strengths of the Internet and this new information technology economy are also posing some of its greatest challenges.

Some of those challenges will be addressed by a series of panel discussions, including Carnegie Mellon's faculty and more than 30 legal experts talking about everything from law and technology in cybercrime and homeland security to the challenges and opportunities in wireless communication.

Leading the cyberlaw portion of the conference are David Johnson, co-founder of, founding director of the Aspen Institute Internet Policy Project and founding president, CEO and chairman of Counsel Connect, an online meeting place for the legal profession; David W. Beier, former chief domestic policy adviser to former Vice President Al Gore; Harry Litman, former United States Attorney for the western district of Pennsylvania and leading intellectual property law professors Julie Cohen of Georgetown University, Maureen O'Rourke of Boston University, Jessica Litman of Wayne State and Alfred Yen of Boston College.

Other conference topics include risk management and E-business, the the legal challenges of large data sets and the past, present and future of Internet governance.


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