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Contact: Chriss Swaney
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For immediate release:
July 9, 2001

EPA Policy Maker Set To Tour Carnegie Mellon Air Monitoring Station

PITTSBURGH‹John Seitz, director of the Office of Air Quality and Standards for the Environmental Protection Agency, will visit a temporary site dedicated to the study of air quality. Carnegie Mellon researchers received $7 million to study how microscopic airborne particles can pose health risks to the nation's elderly and others with respiratory problems. Under the direction of Spyros N. Pandis, a professor of chemical engineering and public policy, Cliff Davidson, a professor of civil and environmental engineering and Allen Robinson, an assistant professor in mechanical engineering, a specially-designed monitoring site was set up on the edge of Schenley Park to help scientists decipher the chemical and physical fingerprints of tiny particles compared with other possible sources. Since the early 1980s, scientists' concerns about soot have focused increasingly on the smallest particles which penetrate fastest into the lungs.

Carnegie Mellon researchers are working at the new site in collaboration with several other schools, including the University of Maryland, the University of Delaware, Clarkson University. The bulk of the project funding was provided by the EPA and the Energy Department's National Energy Technology Laboratory which conducts research on fossil energy such as coal, oil and natural gas at sites in Pittsburgh, Morgantown, WVa. and Tulsa, Okla. Other energy officials at the site visit will include: Tom Feeley, a product manager for the National Energy Technology Laboratory and Don Martello, a senior researcher also from the National Energy Technology Laboratory.

WHEN: 12:15 p.m., Tuesday, July 10.

WHERE: Carnegie Mellon University/Schenley Park Lab, corner of Frew and Tech Streets.


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